Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why It's Great To Be Me? - DARE

 It's great to be me because I am a caring person, I have good humor because I always make other people laugh and always think of other people. I have my life planned ahead of me. My goals are to graduate from college, become a doctor so I can help other people and travel the world. The fun things I do, are bake and draw characters and scenery. My 1 wish on a genie bottle is to become a doctor and to make my parents proud. My top 3 favorite foods are lasagna, pizza and burgers. Our main focus today was DARE. This is about keeping ourselves safe and choosing the right path. Savelina, Mishaan, Hajera and I have made this Word cloud and have added words to why its great being the age you are. 


  1. Hi Zahra
    I think that you are funny and caring. It grate that you went to finish your glows keep it up Zahra.

  2. Hi Zarah
    I really enjoyed reading your word cloud and all the things you do when you'r young. I enjoyed reading your goals you set when you get older.

  3. Hi Zahra. I really like your Word Cloud. It is very pretty. I have made a Word Cloud once before, it is super fun. All the words on my Word Cloud were similar to yours actually.