Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Quick Writes

Today for writing we had to write story prompts. We had to choose from a list of pictures to write about. We created a 6 sentence story using giving criteria. We had to start with once upon a time and try to be creative. This was really fun because we used our imagination. 

Recalling My Times Tables

Today LS2 played a learning math game called Quiz.iz. This is an educational where anyone can play/participate. We we recalling our 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 times tables and had to beat 20 seconds. We had a race against everyone and for the first game I came 14th. We then had a game against Mrs Anderson. We tried our hardest to beat her but she came 4. Quiz.iz really helped me improve and it was really fun. 

If you want to play or try quiz.iz click here.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Panmure Library - Stig Weymess's Visit

Last week LS2, LS1 and Rm5, went to the Panmure Library. We had Stig Wemyess, a voice artist came to the library. He narrates Andy Griffiths books. He told us about a app called borrow box and that allows digital book borrowing. Stig Wemyess hocked us in with his humor and gave prizes to the people who were up on stage and in front of the students. He told us about his website called This website tells us about his life and facts. It was a really fun day listening to Stig Wemyess because he is really funny and is a great narrator. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Word Cline - Cold

This week for reading we had to do can do's. I decided to choose the word cold. What we had to do was write the un - interesting word on the bottom and build it up in interesting words. This was really fun choosing words and decorating this drawing. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Ancient and Modern Olympics

These 2 weeks I was with Ms Naicker. I was working collaboratively with Sajiha. We had to create a DLO about ancient and modern Olympics. We first wrote down our prior knowledge ( what we know ). Then we attributed images, 2 ancient pictures and 2 modern pictures. This was really helpful and fun. We really learnt about ancient and modern Olympics. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cross Country

Today we had our cross country fun run. The three runners who made it 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place could go to the finals. Unfortunately I could not take part but it was really  fun to watch. Everyone first jogged and when they got closer to finishing they started to sprint. I saw Mishaan sprint to the finish line just behind Mia and she got 2nd place. Mia got 1st place and Nazella got 2nd. It was really fun to watch and I saw their smiles as they finished. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Main Idea for Fast Feet

This is my DLO talking about the main idea for a story called "Fast Feet." We had to find the main idea by having 3 main points. In the story, there was a boy called Esela who was the fastest 8 year old in the whole school, he took running very seriously. I worked with Nazella and we came to an end that the main idea is: Why people call Esela fast feet. 

Fast Facts for Fast Feet

This week we were doing fast facts for a story called, "Fast Feet" which is a story about a boy that is the fastest 8 year old in the school. His nick name is Fast Feet for that reason. For this activity we had to list a couple of facts that were in the story. 

Read Theory

Today we had read 20. Read 20 is 20 minutes of silent reading. We go on a site called Read Theory. We have to read for 20 minutes. This is site helps us understand the main idea and what the story is about. We have to answer questions after we read, we had 4 options to choose from when we are answering. We had to think about what the question is asking you to do. We have to look through the text again and again to find the key words we are looking for. The text gets harder and harder the more questions you answer correctly. This site really helps us with our reading and our improvement. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Run, Jump Throw - High jump

This week for run, jump and throw we were focusing on our high jump skills. We also recapped some things that we did last year. We learnt the 2 different styles of jumping which are the fosbury and the scissor kick. We had turns jumping over the poles and we could choose if we had it high or low. We ran in a J run up from the left side or right side. This has helped me because I wasn't so sure how to do it. It was hard to perform it but but that made it much easier. 

Sketch Note

This week we were practicing sketch notes. We first practised with questions ( something we know ) because we knew the topic. When you do sketch notes you can use bullets, pictures, symbols and numbers. We also talked about ways we could record our thinking. We moved onto things that we didn't know about, like Rio De Janeiro, Olympic medals and athletics. When we wrote about 5w questions and we had to explain how they unlock the door for learning. For athletics we had to write about the things we knew, we wrote about long jump, high jump and running. For Rio we had to write down the landmarks and some facts. Sketch notes helped me understand the learning because I have put it in my own words. Sketch notes don't need to be understood by other people besides you. They help you make connections or tell you learning story in your words. Sketch notes don't need to be neat or tidy to help you understand. They are easy to tell and you don't need to write lots of words to make you understand. Sketch notes have been really interesting and fun to do, hopefully we can practice more. 

Cross Country Training

In the past few weeks we had cross country training. We went training with LS1. Each week we ran more laps, and became better. We also went running in year groups, we had to run on the outsides of our school and we tried to keep our pace. When we started cross country we first had to warm - up. This was really tiring for me and probably for everyone else and we do want to get better.