Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Holiday Reading Challenge - Setting

This is one of my holiday reading activity. I had to draw one of the setting from the book. The book I have chosen was Go Girl, Sleep - over. The setting of the book I have chosen was when the 2 girls Olivia and Ching Ching were in the swimming pool. I know this because in the book Olivia said " You could just sing under the water and never come up? This Author of this book is Rowan McAuley and this is an drama type of book as well about friendship with 2 people.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Holiday Reading Challenge - New Cover

This week I have decided to do a Holiday Reading Challenge. The task I have choosen to do was making a new cover. The book I have chosen to make a new cover was Matilda, Roald Dahl. This book can be read by adults and it is a chapter book. I think my cover is better because it shows that Matilda is a genius because she is reading a lot of books and that shows a hint of what will happen in the book.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Holiday Reading Challenge - Make A Recommendation

I have read this book and I recommend this book for the ages 9 and up. The name of this book is Smile. I think they will like this book because it is funny and really interesting. The author of this book is Raina Telgemeler. This book is about a 11 year old girl and her teeth. When she finished from her girl scout she races home with the other girls. As she races home she knocks out her 2 front teeth and she has to go to the dentist everyday to get her check up. While she knocked out her 2 front teeth one of her tooth's pushes in she gums. Even though 6th grade is really hard and she knocked out her 2 front teeth is becomes harder. As the days pass she gets her final surgery and she has some boy crushes. This story is extremely hilarious and what happens when you are in 6th grade. My favorite part about this book was the graphics and the comic book. 

Friday, 15 April 2016

Writing A Letter To Mrs Anderson - Silver Respect Award

I have been working on my care awards task and I choose to complete one of my respect award. I have decided to complete writing a thank you letter to a teacher or staff. I decided to write it to Mrs Anderson because she is the most hard working teacher. 

Word Wall - Spelling

This week we had to practice smelling. We had to to write words starting with un. We had to find the 25 words starting with un and these are the words I found. I found these words from the dictionary and they were kind of hard.

Silver Confidence Award - Teach You Teacher a New Skill

Today I make a DLO of me teaching my teacher how to count in Spanish. I choose the Silver Confidence award. The teacher I choose was Miss Donaldson. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Kiwi Kids News - Cuddly Toy Lost In Space

This week I decided to find an interesting artical in kiwi kids news. A artical I found interesting was that a cuddly toy was lost in space. This happened because a school in Lancashire were doing a science project and they strapped a Toy dog on to a helium filled balloon, a GPS tracker and a GroPro camera so they could capture the action. The launch was successfully fine and the toy dog rose to a height of 26km. As it was wondering on to space the balloon popped and the pet dog was wondering into space. The GPS and camera were 50km away from earth but the dog was nowhere to be seen. 

My Kahoot!

This week for maths we had to make a Kahoot! Kahoot! is a game where you have to play with other people and answer questions. Kahoot! can work with any subject like writing, maths and reading. We had to make our own Kahoot! and play it with our group. My Kahoot! is called Rounding numbers because it is about rounding decimal and non decimal numbers.

Making A Word Search Puzzle

This week we got to make a word search puzzle. We did something fun to learn words and we came up with an idea, making a word search to help us learn. We had to write down some word we don't know and try to find them in the puzzle. I didn't know how to spell out guitar and after I did the puzzle I got better. The steps of making this were, name your puzzle, write down words, and choose if you want 10 words or 12 words. 

If you want to try this out and get better at spelling click here.

Nelson Mandela - Care Awards- Attitude

This week I decided to complete one of my care awards. I choose to do a attitude award. I had to research someone who has a positive attitude and the difficulties that they have faced. The person I choose was Nelson Mandela because he brand peace to the world and he had to go to jail for 27 years. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Main Idea - ANZAC Poems

This week for reading we had to read poems. The poems we read were The Soldier Who Never Returned, Spirit Of ANZAC, In Flanders Field and Poem For Remembrance Day. Nazella and I worked together to find out the main idea and the evidence of what the main idea was. To help us find out about the main idea was think about the author's purpose, look at the title. look at the pictures, look at the first and last sentence and look for the repetition of words or phrases. A main idea means what the poem is about and the author's purpose. Our LI: for this task was to find a main idea of a poem. 

How To Write A Narrative

This week for writing we had to make a DLO of how to write a narrative. I worked collaboratively with my class mate Nazella. We had to write down the steps of how to write a narrative and what to do.  The steps are planning, framework and buddy checking, also teacher checking. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

ANZAC Secret Diary

This week for inquiry we had to write a letter imagining that you were a soldier at war. We used key words from Charlie May's Secret Diary. Charlie May was the first captain in WW1 that died on the morning of July 1st 1916. This is my letter and I have used some key words to help me imagine that I was in the trenches. We watched some videos to help us with our writing. The letter I wrote to was my mother because I want her to know whats happening in the trenches. If you want to read Charlie May's secret diary click here.

Monday, 11 April 2016


This week for maths we got to do something fun. We did mathletics and every time we answered a question or received a question we had to run up the court. I worked collaboratively with my class mate Mia.We had to answer 22 questions and we were really tired. Our first question that we had to answer was What comes one before and after 7531? When we completed answering all of our questions we got to see who came first, second and third. Evelyn and Juanita came first, Mia and I came second and Jessie and Cecillia came third.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

This week we made some elephant toothpaste. We made the elephant toothpaste with Mrs Dudding and Ms Davis. Once we watched the experiment we then made a science planning house. Mrs Dudding and Ms Davis are scientists that came from Edge Water College. We had to answer the questions and add 3 images. 

Upside Down Mango Cake - tech

This week for tech we made upside down mango cake. The ingredients we needed to make the cake were maple syrup, mango, flour, egg, butter, castel sugar and icing sugar. When we finished putting all of the ingredients together, We then put it in the oven and waited for a while. As Mrs Heka took is out of the oven we smelt the scrumptiousness of the cake. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Storyboard Sequencing

This week for reading we had to complete a storyboard sequence. We had to draw pictures of different parts of the book and explain what it means. 

Excellence Care Award - Valarie Adams

One of my care award tasks for excellence and innovation was to " Research a New Zealander that has shown excellence and innovation in their life". I thought Valerie Adams would be the perfect person to do this.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Writing A Narrative

This week for writing we had to use our planning to write  narrative. The title for my writing that I choose was Michael William With The Secret Weapon. We had to use our Mind Meister plan to write a narrative. 

Statue Of Liberety - Home learning

This week for home learning Nazella and I worked together. We had to find out about the statue of liberety and 5 facts about it. We had to find out what it was?, where was it?, when was it built?, who uses it? and why was it built? It was fun working together and finding about information. A new fact that I learnt was that the statue of liberety was a gift from france.

Planning A Narrative Story - Part 2

This week for writng we had to plan a narrative story and turn it into a mind map. We used the topes format to plan our narrative. The meaning for TOPES is Title, orentation, problem, explain and solution.

Maths - Rounding Numbers

This week for maths we had to play a rounding game. The game I choose to play was Motorbike racing. I had to choose the correct number that matches with the one that we have to round it up to. We had to answer multiple questions and it never seemed to end. When you reach up to the end of the game you go faster and faster. At the end of the game you achieve your score and the score that I had was 11,700 points. When the game gets to the very the questions get harder. 

If you want to play this game click here.

Maths - Rounding Numbers

This week for maths we had to play a game which was teaching us how to round numbers. We had to choose from a bunch of maths games and I decided to play the game Pirate Rounding. We had to answer multiple questions about rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. When we had answered 5 or more questions to get a bigger ship or a cannon ball. At the end when we have answered a lot of questions we get the treasure. Our LI: was to round whole numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. 

If you want to play this game click here

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Nazella and Zahra iFaketext - Bus Driver and Public Points Of Views

Today we were exploring points of views, we learnt about bios (1 point of view). We then had to make an iFaketext to show the different sides of the public and the bus drivers. The bus drivers point of view is unsatisfied with the money and the breaks also the long hours. The public's point of view were unhappy and confused with what was happening with the buses. The public were also supportive with their point of views. It is imortant to look at the different sides of the stories/provocation because many people have different bias's, like Miss Donaldson told us about the three little pigs. The pigs point of view was that the wolf was a bad guy but the wolf's mother point of view was that they murdered her son so she thought the pigs were bad. 

Auckland Bus Drivers On Strike

Nazella and I have made this DLO based on Auckland bus drivers going on strike. This happened on Friday the 19th 4am and it ended on Saturday 20th. We researched the information we needed and we used the 5 ws so it showed when it was, what is was, why it happened, where it happened, who it affected it and how it happened. Our LI: was to find and summarise information about current events. 

Follow up - Rounding Code Breaker2

This week for maths I worked with Miss Donaldson. We had to round whole numbers to the nearest 1, 10 and 1000. We had to answer the following question to crack the code. This was our task for our follow up. This was fun because it was challenging and it was a mystery to find out what the answer was. The answer was Maths is my favourite subject. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Maths Magician - 3 times tables

This week for maths we had to play maths magician. I choose to do my 3 times tables, I have completed 20 questions in 31 seconds and maybe next time I can finish it in 20 seconds. I am really happy with my score because I achieved 100%.    

Maths Magician - 9 times tables

Today our maths task was to play maths magician. I choose to do my 9 times tables, I completed 20 questions in 45 seconds. Hopefully next time I can get 20 seconds for my 9 times tables. 

Planning A Narrative Story

This week I was working with Miss Donaldson and we were planing a narrative story. We used the CSP meaning Character, Setting and Problem to write down out planning. We also used Topes in our writing. Once we finished planning a narrative we then converted our writing to a Mind Meister. Our LI: is to write a plan for a narrative story.

How To Be A Great Scientist Movie

This is the movie that group 3 created on "How to be a scientist". Our group decided to choose Oobleck as our experiment. The steps and methods were explained. Our movie was edited using iMovie to add the title and effects.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Word Cline - Small

This week for reading I decided to to a word cline. I had to choose from a list of words and the word I choose was small. We wrote down the uninteresting words on the bottom of the drawing and the interesting words on the top. I had fun choosing interesting words, I also had fun choosing a picture that had something small. 

Auto Chunky Challenge - Spelling

Today we started to practice spelling. We got to choose out of three games and I choose the Bouncing Anagram spelling game ( A link to the game ).  We then had to find a partner, get a dictionary and a vivid. As we got what we needed the person with the vivid sat on the mat ready to write some words. I collaborativly worked with my class mate Nazella. Nazella was standing behind me with a dictionary ready to tell me some words. As the timer began Nazella told me some words and we could only write 3 down. The other words in the dictionary were already writin on the paper. We practiced spelling to improve on our reading so when we do a test we know how to brake up the words if they are to long.

Flag Vote - Old flag and New flag

This week we analysed the flag vote of PBS. I realised that 63 out of 76 juniors choose the new flag, I think that because they might like the colours or the design. It also might be because they don't know much about the history of the flag has held. Our LI: was to learn to analyse data. I also realized that the senior kids LS1 and LS2 voted on the old flag and that might be because they made an informed choice.