Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My tears

My Tears

I went to war I was in tears but I didn't tell my family. I left the house in a young age and traveled. As I arrived I was I saw some of my friends and they were Michael and Alex. They called my name ‘’ Joe’’
and I   already was scared and shy. As I sailed on the big boat we were all shaking. We arrived and got our guns and they were huge. As we settled we hid in our trenches. I was already thinking I was not old enough. As we started I knew we only had 1 life left so I kept on shooting and shooting. After a gun shot got past my ear and it was so close to shooting me. As the day passed a bullet came passed it went on my friends arm Alex.  I rushed to my mate and lots of blood was coming out. I quickly got the first kit aid and wrapped his arm with bandage. Bullets where coming through and I quickly got the gun and shoot. After a while I saw that my mate Alex’s arm was getting purple, I stopped and let the bandage get loose and as I saw he didn’t have blood in his arm. As I went back shooting Michael got a small bandage and he put it on his arm and it actually got better. As I went to him his arm was healing so we got back to work. As the day passed it was the afternoon and I got shot. I was shaking in tears and  crying for love. I missed my mother as my eyes were full of tears. I got shot in the shoulder and I did not know what was going to happen. I wanted to ask for help but there was no one around me. They were all on the other end. Ad I saw the first aid kit was there, as I grabbed it there was a small amount of bandage there and there was also a twister. When I grabbed it there was lots of blood but I still used it to take the bullet out. As I pulled it out it hurt like a tiger was scratching me. I took it out and I quickly got the bandage and put it on my shoulder. I waited for my shoulder to heal but it was not healing. As I waited for a long time it finally healed so I got back to work. As there was more people who died so one of the people from the other side said stop fighting and we had to bury people that were dead. As we finished we were shooting for a little bit more and we were done with the war and no one won, it was a draw. I went home and took a quick shower and put my bag in the bin. As I went to my mum she said
“where were you”

I said I was at my friends house and she believed me. As I knew I was telling a lie. I was so tired so I went to my room and I went to sleep because I was so tired of shooting.  

Friday, 15 May 2015

Battle ships

Battle ships

For maths lats week we made a battleships grid. Our grid had to be 10x10 grid because it was part of an instruction. It was hard to make it but we got there. How I did it was to get my ruler and put a small dot on and every even number till there was 10 dots and  did the other 3 lines to. After I put lines where the dots where and I kept on doing that. Then I added numbers and letters on the sides of the grid. After you done that you have to say a number like A3 and if it lands on a boat you have to put the color boat red so that is a hit. If you miss you put a white color on a landing or water.  My grid is finished and all you have to do it add the boats and you also need a partner. I learned that you have to put your boats on water. 


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mrs Taylor's trip to Africa

Today Mrs J.Taylor came to our class to show us her trip to Africa 2 years ago at 2015. She told us some names for the animals she showed us. They had to sleep in this house that was made from wood or brick. When they woke up in the first day they saw an male bush buck and it was sitting right by their bedroom window. She told us that they saw a baby boy that had brain damage and they made a chair for him and a standing strap for him. After they went on a safari and they saw lots of animals. As they went they saw a giraffe that was dead and another giraffe kicked it on the leg and it twisted its neck. Some birds were eating the neck and we could see the skull.    

Friday, 8 May 2015

Zoo trip

As we arrived to the Zoo we were all exited and happy. Lots of people were screaming and I couldn't hear anyone. As we went to the Zoo we sat on the court and some lady was talking to us. As we went to see the animals we where all rushing with excitement. We first saw a tiger and the stripes were so beautiful. After that we where so hungry so we ate some food.  Then some people that work at the zoo took us to some animals and taught us some information about some animals. I learned that Rhinos horn is not made out of wood it is actually made out of hair. Then we touched the Elephants teeth and they are so big and we also touched the Tigers teeth too. I learned that Elephants put dust on there back so they don't get sunburn. Then we saw some Hippos and the lake smelled so bad. I learned that the Hippos stay in the water so they don't get sunburn. Then we ate some lunch and we went to the Meerkat tunnel and it was so fun and I lost my way sometimes. After that we put all of our fruit and vegetables in the bin because they might of had fruit flies in. After we said thank you to the people that looked after us and we hopped back up on the bus. As we reached to class we were so tired so we went home. I was so happy that we went to the Zoo because it was fun and all of us enjoyed our day to the trip.


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sign language poster

This is my NZSL sign lauguage Google drawing , it includes information such as how I wrote my name in sign laguage. NZSL stands for New Zealand sign lauguage.