Friday, 29 July 2016

Buddy Reading Week 1

Today we had buddy reading with the juniors room 4 and 3. We had buddy reading to help the little kids to encourage them to read more often and to pay it forward. My partner was from room 3 and her name was Mahdia. They then chose a book, I read to my partner and afterwards she read to me. Then I asked Mahdia questions about the book. Some of the questions were. 

1. What is the book called? 
2. Who is your favorite character? 
3. Did you like this story? 
4. If you could be a character from the book, who would it be? 
5. What picture did you like the best? 
6. What happened in your story? 

I asked these questions. The book we read together was 10 plucky penguins. I really enjoyed this and I am so exited to do this next week.  

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book Character Parade

Today in Panmure Bridge school, we  had a book character parade, we chose a character in a book, and wore the costume. I came as a spy from the book Ej 12 - Night out. We did this to bring the magic of books alive for the juniors, we had many visitors like someone that dressed up as Gangster Granny. I really liked today because we saw amazing costumes.I hope that the parade continues next year too and a big thank you to Ms Millward for organizing this event in our school!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

25 Word Paragraph About Advertising

This week for writing our topic for this term is advertising. We were put into groups. In my group there was Mia, Mahdia, Zahn and I. Then we were asked to choose I person to to listen to what the other people say and write the sentences out. After we had to make a 25 word paragraph of what advertising meant.  

Monday, 25 July 2016

Attributing Images

Today, we have been learning how to attribute images. I have added 4 images and by them I have added the name of the owner, the website and licensing. We also learned why we should attribute images. 

Friday, 8 July 2016


On Thursday Lynne Le Gros visited Panmure Bridge School to talk to the year 7s and year 8s. She talked about leadership because it was leadership week. We first started by writing who our role models are and why they are our rold model. After we wrote our dream and what New Zealand's dream was. After that we got goody bags from the spark foundation. A huge thank you to spark for donating gift bags to LS2. 

Orienteering Reflection

Today I made a DLO reflecting on term 2 orienteering lessons. I talked about the lessons and the awesome  teachers. I really liked how we could work in groups or work as an individual. I liked how we could do something new. This term was really fun and hope we could do orienteering again. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Compprehension Reading Challenges

Today for reading I was practising my comprehension skils. I was learning about what a fact and a opinion was. I played 2 games to help me learn my comprehension skills. This website was really fun and it helped me learn my comprehension skills. The first game that I played was making a fact. The second game was making an opinion. This really helped me learn and it is a great task to help you learn. If you want to learn your comprehension skills click here.  

Monday, 4 July 2016

Life Education

Today the year 7s had our first session of Life Education with Nicole. Nicole taught us about out body systems and how they help us. We were learning about how our brain sends a message to the rest of the body. Nicole introduced us to herald's friend Bob. Bob showed us the inside of our body and how it works. We learned about our arteries and veins. The Arteries are the red ropes that connect to our heart and brain. Our veins are the blue ropes that carry our blood. After we learned about our body we then played a quick rhyme game. Nicole read out a number and then we had to clap the many. We had to use a fast speed so we don't get eliminated. This game was really fun and it energized our brain. 

Scholastic Story Starters

Today for writing the year 7s had to write a story. We got our topic from the scholastic story starters spinner. We span the wheel and choose the best topic we wanted to talk about. My topic was that I had to write a newsletter to sell a horrible wildbeest that had to save the word. This is my story that I wrote.