Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Why It's Important To Speak Up To Bullies

Today in inquiry we were discussing how to speak up and how to speak out if someone bullies you or you see someone being bullied. People who are being bullied should use their WITS and stand up to themselves. Sky, Nickaela, Hajera, Jorja and I have made this short film about standing up to bullies and how to help a victim of a bully. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why It's Great To Be Me? - DARE

 It's great to be me because I am a caring person, I have good humor because I always make other people laugh and always think of other people. I have my life planned ahead of me. My goals are to graduate from college, become a doctor so I can help other people and travel the world. The fun things I do, are bake and draw characters and scenery. My 1 wish on a genie bottle is to become a doctor and to make my parents proud. My top 3 favorite foods are lasagna, pizza and burgers. Our main focus today was DARE. This is about keeping ourselves safe and choosing the right path. Savelina, Mishaan, Hajera and I have made this Word cloud and have added words to why its great being the age you are. 

Monday, 28 August 2017


Our focus in writing today is capitalization. We had to re - write the sentences and add capitals in places where they should be. We had to understand when and where capitalization is needed. 

Apostrophes and Contractions

This week for our writing task, we were working on contractions and apostrophes. Apostrophe is when you use a punctuation mark to show if you are controlling something. I have added some images to back up my contractions DLO.  

Friday, 11 August 2017

Tech at Tamaki College

Today at tech was amazing. Instead of painting our MDF designs, we were working on using compasses. We started of by making multiple circles and then added some triangles into them and made stars. We failed on the first few tries but then we got the hang of it. We made flowers and then we tried to make cubes using the circle method. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Choosing Keywords - Cybersmart

I have created a DLO about choosing keywords. I have came up with ideas to get a good search result. When choosing your keywords, its best to use a full name or be more specific. I have provided steps that will help you with your searches. 

Kate Sheppard - Sketchnote DLO

In reading this week, we had to define words that connect with the suffrage movement. We also had to answer what we know about the suffrage movement. Javeylor and I have worked together to complete this DLO. We talked about the questions and also added an image each.

Galloping Greyhounds

Our focus in maths was " Galloping Greyhounds ". Mia and I have worked together to complete this maths problem. We used lots of fractions in the payment the greyhounds have received. We solved many questions.  

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kate Sheppard

In reading we have been focusing on women's right to vote back in 1892. Javeylor and I have made this DLO about Kate Sheppard and what she did to change the men's choice in letting women vote. We have added important information about what Kate Sheppard did. We have also added her personal qualities. 

Rewindable Learning

The learning we were doing today was rewindable learning. Rewindable learning is filming yourself doing something or practicing. You then go back to it and watching it to learn from the mistakes you did. Rewindable learning is great way to improve of what you are doing. We were practicing for our school production. Our dance teacher, Zoe taught us the moves to our dance. We filmed our practice and watched ourselves so we could learn from the mistakes. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Idiom Illustration

Our focus in writing today were idioms. Idiom is a group of words that have the same meaning but one is exaggerated. I have made a DLO with an example of idiom and images to back up the sentence. I have learnt that idiom is another way of saying something but using exaggeration. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Assembly

During the Winter Learning Journey, we learnt many facts about New Zealand. Rachel came to Panmure Bridge School to hand out the awards and prices to the participants of the Winter Learning Journey.There were lots of students who contributed. There were 6 top winners, 1st place winners were Oh Hsen and Daniel, 2nd place winners were AJ and Alex, and 3rd place winners were Eric and Ofa. Rachel also priced the top girl blogger Nazella. Our school had the most participants in the Winter Learning Journey. While doing the Winter Learning Journey, we all improved in our reading and writing. This was a very fun activity to do over the holidays. 

Thank you Rachel for making this program possible and commenting on our individual blogs. I would like to thank Rachel's group for commenting feedback and taking the time to go over our work.

TECH - Graphics Group

Today for tech, the graphics group were up to painting their MDF designs. We got our clocks laser cut, then we started to draw our designs on to our MDF pieces. After we completed drawing our designs, we started painting our MDF and used the primary colors to mix and made different colors. We had to paint layers of the same color because the MDF was to dark. It was also best to use opposite colors so each color would look bright.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

It Pays To Win!

 Our focus in maths was " It Pays To win". Mia and I have worked together to complete this problem and this problem used lots of rounding in the payment of Siones rugby career. We had to solve multiple problems and we had to find the new payment of the next season and compare it with the season before.


In our maths challenge we learnt a new strategy; to see if a number can be divisible by 3. Mia and I have made a based on this strategy. Once we have finished the, we then had to make sure another group played our We the played their that they made.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Flextangles and Hexagons

Since this week is maths week, we were working on flextangles and hexagons. We began with an a4 piece of paper then we worked on a a3 piece of paper. We designed our own on the a3 piece of paper. The color and shapes effected the flextangles. 

Women Suffragette

Since women's voting rights were a big problem in the early 1840's, our reading topic this term is "votes for women". Mia, Nazella, Javeylor, Mishaan, Jorja and I have been working collaborativly to make this 25 word summary about women's suffragette. Watching a youtube video we choose 6 important words and put them in our summary about women's right to vote/women's suffragettes.