Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Democracy in New Zealand

For this election activity, we had to make a flow chart about the democracy of New Zealand. In New Zealand we have the Queen on the top of the flow chart as well as the governor general as her representative.  

Former Prime Minister

Helen Clark a former prime minister of New Zealand. She is a very powerful women who made New Zealand more noticeable around the world. Helen Clark was the 37th Prime Minister and was the second women to hold the office. She was a great leader of New Zealand. 

Government Party Jigsaw

Since this week is election week, we are learning about elections. In our learning we have completed an activity called 'Government Party Jigsaw'. In this jigsaw Mia, Mishaan, Ofa, Javeylor, and I have added the leaders of the main party and what electorate they are in. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read an eBook Day

Today is read an eBook Day and is a celebration of modern storytelling. This is on September the 18th this year. To celebrate, LS2 read some books using the Tamaki College Overdrive site. Tamaki overdrive has different types of subjects, collections. and levels you can choose from. We can read books anytime and anywhere we want to. If you want more information about 'read an eBook Day' you can click here. #ebooklove

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Say it Tika

Since this week is Maori language week, we had to protect our unique Maori place names by pinning Maori streets names. Vodafone is helping Google maps master our Maori place names. We had to go to say it tika's website and pin the streets or cities we think need improving. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki Overdrive

Tamaki overdrive is a great website to explore new books and read them online. Its great since you get to choose which subject, collections and level you would like. You also get to listen to audio books instantly in your browser. What I like about this is that you get to choose more than 4 books. I found this book in the fiction sections and this book is called "Mr Stink" and is written by David Walliams. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Two Word Sentences

Our main focus in writing this week is two word sentences. We picked a two word sentence and turned the both into compound and complex sentences. For compound sentences we had to add a fanboy connective and for our complex sentence we had to add an AAWWUBBIS. Two word sentences use a subject and a verb. A subject is a person or thing that is used in a sentence and a verb is used to describe an action.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Tamaki College - Experience Day

Today the year 8's went to Tamaki College to experience secondary school. We had our own year 9 timetable with classes on them. This was a great experience. In science with Mr Stoddard and Mr Singh, we were learning about static energy/electricity. Static electricity is a contrast of electric charges inside or on the surface of a material. In our math classes we had Mr Jones and we played a game of battle ships and learnt about coordinate grids. In our English class with Mr Stevenson, we were finding visual images to make connections with new vocabulary. In our PE class we were playing turbo touch with Mr Moyes. 

A big thank you to Tamaki College for hosting us. We all had a fun time and a great day of learning.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Why It's Important To Speak Up To Bullies

Today in inquiry we were discussing how to speak up and how to speak out if someone bullies you or you see someone being bullied. People who are being bullied should use their WITS and stand up to themselves. Sky, Nickaela, Hajera, Jorja and I have made this short film about standing up to bullies and how to help a victim of a bully. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why It's Great To Be Me? - DARE

 It's great to be me because I am a caring person, I have good humor because I always make other people laugh and always think of other people. I have my life planned ahead of me. My goals are to graduate from college, become a doctor so I can help other people and travel the world. The fun things I do, are bake and draw characters and scenery. My 1 wish on a genie bottle is to become a doctor and to make my parents proud. My top 3 favorite foods are lasagna, pizza and burgers. Our main focus today was DARE. This is about keeping ourselves safe and choosing the right path. Savelina, Mishaan, Hajera and I have made this Word cloud and have added words to why its great being the age you are. 

Monday, 28 August 2017


Our focus in writing today is capitalization. We had to re - write the sentences and add capitals in places where they should be. We had to understand when and where capitalization is needed. 

Apostrophes and Contractions

This week for our writing task, we were working on contractions and apostrophes. Apostrophe is when you use a punctuation mark to show if you are controlling something. I have added some images to back up my contractions DLO.  

Friday, 11 August 2017

Tech at Tamaki College

Today at tech was amazing. Instead of painting our MDF designs, we were working on using compasses. We started of by making multiple circles and then added some triangles into them and made stars. We failed on the first few tries but then we got the hang of it. We made flowers and then we tried to make cubes using the circle method. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Choosing Keywords - Cybersmart

I have created a DLO about choosing keywords. I have came up with ideas to get a good search result. When choosing your keywords, its best to use a full name or be more specific. I have provided steps that will help you with your searches. 

Kate Sheppard - Sketchnote DLO

In reading this week, we had to define words that connect with the suffrage movement. We also had to answer what we know about the suffrage movement. Javeylor and I have worked together to complete this DLO. We talked about the questions and also added an image each.

Galloping Greyhounds

Our focus in maths was " Galloping Greyhounds ". Mia and I have worked together to complete this maths problem. We used lots of fractions in the payment the greyhounds have received. We solved many questions.  

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kate Sheppard

In reading we have been focusing on women's right to vote back in 1892. Javeylor and I have made this DLO about Kate Sheppard and what she did to change the men's choice in letting women vote. We have added important information about what Kate Sheppard did. We have also added her personal qualities. 

Rewindable Learning

The learning we were doing today was rewindable learning. Rewindable learning is filming yourself doing something or practicing. You then go back to it and watching it to learn from the mistakes you did. Rewindable learning is great way to improve of what you are doing. We were practicing for our school production. Our dance teacher, Zoe taught us the moves to our dance. We filmed our practice and watched ourselves so we could learn from the mistakes. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Idiom Illustration

Our focus in writing today were idioms. Idiom is a group of words that have the same meaning but one is exaggerated. I have made a DLO with an example of idiom and images to back up the sentence. I have learnt that idiom is another way of saying something but using exaggeration. 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Assembly

During the Winter Learning Journey, we learnt many facts about New Zealand. Rachel came to Panmure Bridge School to hand out the awards and prices to the participants of the Winter Learning Journey.There were lots of students who contributed. There were 6 top winners, 1st place winners were Oh Hsen and Daniel, 2nd place winners were AJ and Alex, and 3rd place winners were Eric and Ofa. Rachel also priced the top girl blogger Nazella. Our school had the most participants in the Winter Learning Journey. While doing the Winter Learning Journey, we all improved in our reading and writing. This was a very fun activity to do over the holidays. 

Thank you Rachel for making this program possible and commenting on our individual blogs. I would like to thank Rachel's group for commenting feedback and taking the time to go over our work.

TECH - Graphics Group

Today for tech, the graphics group were up to painting their MDF designs. We got our clocks laser cut, then we started to draw our designs on to our MDF pieces. After we completed drawing our designs, we started painting our MDF and used the primary colors to mix and made different colors. We had to paint layers of the same color because the MDF was to dark. It was also best to use opposite colors so each color would look bright.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

It Pays To Win!

 Our focus in maths was " It Pays To win". Mia and I have worked together to complete this problem and this problem used lots of rounding in the payment of Siones rugby career. We had to solve multiple problems and we had to find the new payment of the next season and compare it with the season before.


In our maths challenge we learnt a new strategy; to see if a number can be divisible by 3. Mia and I have made a based on this strategy. Once we have finished the, we then had to make sure another group played our We the played their that they made.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Flextangles and Hexagons

Since this week is maths week, we were working on flextangles and hexagons. We began with an a4 piece of paper then we worked on a a3 piece of paper. We designed our own on the a3 piece of paper. The color and shapes effected the flextangles. 

Women Suffragette

Since women's voting rights were a big problem in the early 1840's, our reading topic this term is "votes for women". Mia, Nazella, Javeylor, Mishaan, Jorja and I have been working collaborativly to make this 25 word summary about women's suffragette. Watching a youtube video we choose 6 important words and put them in our summary about women's right to vote/women's suffragettes. 

Monday, 31 July 2017

Hyperbole Illustration

Our focus in writing was hyperbole. Hyperbole is a figure of speech in which exaggeration is used. I have made a DLO with an example of hyperbole and images to back up the sentence. I have learnt that hyperbole is an exaggeration and is not true. I have also added a definition of hyperbole.

Ordering Fractions

Our focus today in maths was ordering fractions. We first had a practice game where you had to order the fractions from the highest end to the lowest end. From then, we did a test which proved our percentages. I got 100%. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Gold CARE Respect Award - Stan Walker Song: Climb

I had to research Stan Walker's song CLIMB. I have made a DLO based about what the song is about. The DLO above has a image of Stan Walker and a link to his song. This song was very interesting to listen to. 

Gold CARE Respect Award - Thank You Letter

One of my tasks for my Gold Respect Care award was to write a thank you letter to a teacher or other staff member. I decided to write a letter to Ms. Kirikpatrick, one of my teachers in LS2. I wrote down how grateful I am to have her as a teacher in Panmure Bridge School and many more. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why Is It So Important To Keep Oral Storytelling Alive?

Maori storytelling is important today because it can pass onto generations. They will know the value of their culture while keeping the Maori language alive.  

Mia and I have worked collaboratively to make this 25 word summary about, why it's so important to keep oral storytelling alive? We listened to 3 different explanations in Te Reo in subtitles. We had learning conversations to why it is so important. Using 6 most important words to make this summary, we thought it was so important to pass the oral storytelling onto the next generation so they will know the value of the culture/language alive.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Myths and Legends

Our focus this term is myths and legends. Mia and I have worked collaboratively to make this comic strip about, How Maui Slowed The Sun, using Storyboard That. Picking a scene we were practicing using dialogue to show rather than telling what is happening in the scenes of, How Maui Slowed The Sun. We found it difficult to, make a short scene, because we didn't know how to fit all pieces of the scene in 3 different parts.

Ordering Fractions

Our focus for maths, today was ordering fractions. I have played a game where you had to order the fractions in the right places. You got to pick whether you wanted a harder game or easier game.  

Monday, 17 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this activity I had to watch 3 different performances of the All Blacks doing the haka. I then had to order them from the greatest performance to the worst.  

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6, Activity 2

For this activity I had to write down three events of my choices that are happening in the Matariki festival at the Te Papa Museum. 

1. Ukulele playing
2. Plays 
3. Creating a balloon sculpture

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6, Activity 1

For this activity I had to imagine that I landed in New Zealand on a waka. I had to write a poem about how I felt when I got to New Zealand. 

The beautiful land in my sight I had never seen before,
Waiting to get off the waka getting ready to explore,
Walking around I could not forget the the feeling between my toes,
As I was walking on the grass,
Never have I been happy,
Not forgetting the moment,
I landed in New Zealand

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this activity I had to choose whether I would like to go bike riding on the Otago Rail Trail or not. 
I would like to because it would be a great exercise and it sounds like lots of fun. I also like riding my bike. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5 Activity 2

For this activity I had to learn about a famous New Zealander. I choose a famous singer, Lorde. I her name, where she was born, why she's famous and 2 facts about her. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5, Activity 1

For this activity, I had to imagine I was lost in a forest all by my self. I wrote a 8 - 10 sentence story about what might happen next. 

It was a beautiful day in the forest but I had not forgotten that I was lost all by myself. Strolling across the forest floor I wondered if I was every going to be found. Panicking and pancaking I thought I was lost forever. Imagining my friends were there calmed me a bit down. I heard the sound of a helicopter. I quickly climbed up the highest tree to get their attention. They found me and I was never so happy. I was jumping with joy and quickly went to my friends.  

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this activity I had to form my opinion about Hectors Dolphins getting caught by large fishing nets. I think we should ban people from fishing at Farewell Split because it decreases the population of the Hectors Dolphins.  

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4, Activity 2

For this activity I had to watch 2 trailers about a movie called Whale Rider. I then had to write a summary of the movie and rate it out of 5. 
This movie is about a girl whose twin brother was supposed to be titled as the next chief in their tribe. However, he did not survive but his sister survives. Males are only allowed to become chief's but the custom changed. I'd give this movie a 3 out of 5 because it is not in my liking. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4, Activity 1

For this activity I had to read about a place called Farewell Split. It was in the news where whales accidentally swam into the split and got stuck on the beach where they couldn't return to the ocean because the water was to shallow. The local people tried to save them but most of the whales died. I described what the local people did to try and save them: 

1. Pour buckets of water on them. 

2. Put wet towels on them. 

3. They filled their chilly bins, water bottles, pots with water and poured them over the beached whales. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3, Activity 2

For this activity I had to read a article about how people in New Zealand are working to kill pests. I had to give an opinion and give three reasons why I think that way. I agree with the people in New Zealand who are killing the pests because: 

1. The pests are harmful towards the native animals because they eat their eggs. 

2. The pests destroy the native trees in New Zealand.

3. They have different diseases that can spread to the animals. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3, Activity 1

For this activity, I had to adopt a animal from the adopt a kiwi house critter website. I choose to adopt a Brown Kiwi. Here are some facts:  

1. They eat earthworms, insects and grubs. 
2. They have tiny wings but cannot fly. 
3. It is the only animal in the world that has nostrils at the end of its beak. 
4. Kiwi's are omnivores even though they eat worms. 
5.  Most live for about 25 - 50 years 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this activity I had to interview one person in my family and them what their five favorite things to do outside. I choose to interview my younger sister. She liked: 

1. Riding her bike 
2. Playing with her friends
3. Playing volleyball
4. Going on the trampoline
5. Walking to the shops 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2, Activity 2

For this activity I had to imagine, I was interviewing Laura Dekker. I had to write down 5 questions that I would ask her. 

1. What inspired you to sail around the world? 

2. Was it scary sailing the world alone? 

3. What do you like most about sailing? 

4. Which place was your favorite that you had visited?

5. How old were you when you started sailing? 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2, Activity 1

For this activity I had to visit three places, Rangitoto Island, Karekare beach, and Tane Mahuta. 
The place I most enjoyed visiting was Karekare beach because it has an amazing waterfall and is has an amazing place where you can walk and picnic. 

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this activity, I had to create my own New Zealand flag using the website Flag designer. Here is my flag, the black and white represents the all blacks and the green represents New Zealand nature. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 1, Activity 2

1. Go to Rainbows End

2. Go to the Auckland Domain public park

3. Visit Rangitoto

4. Go to the Auckland Zoo 

5. Visit Piha Beach

For this activity I had to watch a video about the tourist video for Auckland and pick 5 favorite places I would like to visit. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 1, Activity 1

1. Did you know 4.4 million New Zealanders are 69% European 14.6% Maori 9.2% Asian and 6.9% non - Maori Pacific Islanders?

 2. Rugby is the most popular sport in New Zealand.

 3. Over three - quarters of New Zealand population lives in the North Island.

For this activity I had to find some facts about New Zealand and write down 3 of those facts about the New Zealand people. 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tae Kwondo DLO

This term, our kiwi sport was Tae Kwondo. I have created a DLO about our time at Tae Kwondo. I have added some skills we have learnt. 

Visiting Teacher

Yesterday, a visiting teacher, Ms. Apelu came to LS2 to see us work on our reading. We were put into groups and had to write down 20 important words about the plastic free July video. We then choose another 6 words and made a summary about plastic free July. 

Plastic Free July - Tamaki Wrap

On Tuesday, Tamaki Wrap came to Panmure Bridge School. We had 4 different stations explaining why rubbish or plastic is bad for the environment and how we can reduce or reuse plastic. We then made a DLO about plastic. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

German - Winter Solstice

We have been set some challenges based on Matariki. Sky and I have created a DLO about the Germany winter solstice. We used our smart searching skills and found out about the Yule, the German winter solstice. 

People Power

Our main focus today in maths was percentages. We used a formula for finding % using a calculator. Mia and I worked collaboratively to complete this DLO about people power. 

Friday, 30 June 2017

Winter Learning Journey

Today, Rachel came to Panmure Bridge School to talk to the seniors  about the Winter Learning journey. This term's theme for the Winter Learning Journey is home in New Zealand. We get prizes for coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. 

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Confidence Gold CARE Award - Standing Up To Bullies

For my gold confidence award, I have decided to complete a task about standing up to bullies. I have listed some ways of standing up to bullies and ways of addressing them. 

Bullying won't stop unless you do something about it!!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Legend Of The 7 Sisters

Since it is Matariki this week, we have been set some challenges based on legend of the 7 stars. For this challenge we had to, watch a video and answer different questions. We also have made a text to text self connection. I enjoyed this activity because this helped with my reading skills.