Tuesday, 22 March 2016

New Zealand Flag

Today in class we were talking about why and why not we should change the NZ flag. We were sent in groups to write down why we should change the flag and why not to change the flag. I worked collaboratively with my class mates Zeba, Mahdia and Oh Hsen . We then had to make a t - chart and write our answers.  When we went down onto the mat and we gave our answers to Mrs Anderson. We then individually got our voting papers, and the voting papers had both pictures of the flags. We voted and the flag I choose was the old flag because it represented the soldiers when they went to war. The old flag also represents NZ's history. Our LI: was to have an informed choice and our SC: was to read both sides of the t - chart, be respectful to others opinions and choose the side of the t - chart that makes more sense. 

Maths - Maths Magician

This week for maths I decided to play math magician on my 9 times tables. Unfortunately I achieved 95% and maybe next time I can achieve 100%.

Click here to go on math magician.    

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Care Awards - Attitude

This week I decided to complete one of my care awards from the attitude list. I choose to tutor someone and I decided to choose Sa kae. I taught her some hard words that she didn't know. hopefully I will complete 4 more so I can get my care award, attitude,  

Home Learning Week 7 - The Great Mosque Of Herat

 This week for home learning we had to find about the Great Mosque of Herat. I worked collaboratively with my class mate Nazella. I had a great time finding facts about it. Did you know the Mosque of Herat is over 800 years old.

Sumdog Results

Today I played a maths game on the website called sumdog. The game I have played is called dress down.  scored 21 points and I have got 19 questions right. I came first in dress down and I am really proud of my self. Sumdog teaches you all sorts of things like maths, writing and reading. It helps you learn and you can also have fun. 

If you want to play Sumdog click here

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Explanation Framework - How To Be A Good Scientist

This week for science we had to work in groups. I worked collaboratively with Pote and Nazella. We had to write big paragraphs of what the scientists would do. 

Writing An Orientation

This week for writing we learnt the structures of CSP (Characters, Setting and Problem). We used the hook to start off our orientation. There are four parts to the hook and they are action, dialogue, setting and sound. We had many different pictures which had the CSP including the hook. This is what I wrote for my orientation. 

Narrative Structure

Today for writing we had to understand T.O.P.E.S. We had to write a story based on Little Red Riding Hood. Charlize, Mia, Nazella, Zeba and I worked collaboratively to make the story happen with TOPES. I learnt how to write a quick story using TOPES. We did this activity so that we understand the  structure, the T is for tittle, the O is orientation, the P is for the problem, the E is for explanation and the S is for solution.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Word Cline - Sad

 This week for reading I decided to do a word Cline which we had to choose from a can do list. The word I choose from the list was sad. We had to choose 5 words going from boring words to interesting words.

Word Study Challenge

This week for reading can do's I decided to complete a word study challenge. I choose 3 words and they were camouflage, depressed and gloomy. I had to write down what the words meant, a picture to show what the word means, the interesting word in a sentence and different synonyms.  

Monday, 14 March 2016

How To Write An Orientation

This is my DLO which I worked collaboratively with leaning. There are 4 different types to an orientation and they are Character, Hook, Setting and dialogue. Our leaning intention was to teach people how to write an orientation.

Care Awards - How to Be Cyber Safe

 This week for care awards I have chosen to complete one of the tasks. I have wrote about how to be cyber safe and about online games of how they could steal your money. Maybe at the end of the term I could complete my attitude badge and that could make me really proud.

Magic Magician

This week for math I have played math magician. I did my 5 time tables and I had to answer 20 questions under a minute. For my score I have received 100% percent. I am really proud of my self and I have answered the 20 questions in 25 seconds.  

Friday, 11 March 2016

Quick Write Rotation

This week for writing I worked colloborativly with my class mate Nazella. We had to use 4 sentence starters which are action, dialogue, mood and setting. We used the 4 sentence starters to come up with 5 new sentences that we could add to our story. 

Science photo story

 This week for science we had to write a photo story of last week's experiments. I worked collaborativly with my friend Mia. We had to use pictures to show the rules.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Orientation Writing

This week for writing, we learnt the orientation in stories. The orientation includes your characters, your setting and starts a little bit of your problem. We then had to DRAFT one of the orientation with a partner, I worked with Nazella. I learnt about the four ways you could start/hook your story in, action, setting, sound or dialogue. 

Math Magician

Today I have played Math magician I had to answer 20 questions in 1 minute. I answered the 5x time tables and t was easy. I answered the 5x time tables in 28 second and I am really proud of my self. Maybe next time I can answer the mixed questions and get 100%.

Character Analysis

 This week for our follow up, we choose a story and picked the main character and write 4 words about them and write them into sentences. Our LI:is to describe our own thoughts on a book and what we have read.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Tech - Fruit Salads

This week for tech we made fruit salads. We learned about the safety of knifes and 1 thing that I learned was when a knife drops you don't try to catch it you have to leave it until it drops. We used kiwi fruit, grapes, orange, apple and pineapples to make our fruit salad. We used dark chocolate pudding and some chocolate chips to finish it off. It tasted very scrumptious and they looked really pretty.

Safety Search Tips

Last week for Cyber smart I worked collaboratively with my friends Nazellla and Mia. We worked together to complete our Cyber smart research. I learned that when you add different punctuation you come up with the same results.

How To Be A Scientist

This week for science group 3 made a slide about how to be a scientist. Group 3 worked collaboratively with their class mates to finish there work. We worked in pairs in each slide to finish our work quickly. We took some pictures to identify the words in each slide.

Home Learning - Mona Lisa

This is my home learning for this week and we had to find out about the Mona Lisa painting. I worked collaborative with Harry to do my home learning. I was surprised when the Mona Lisa was a spelling mistake.  

Science - Oobleck

This week for science we made oobleck. We used cornflour and water to make our oobleck. When we started to mix it was really hard because the oobleck started to form. When we touched the oobleck it was a solid and when we picked it up slowly it acted like a liquid.  

Science - Baking soda and vinegar

This week for science we made baking soda and vinegar. When we added the 2 mixtures together some bubbled rised. The first experiment we used malt vinegar and it had some bubbled. For the second experiment we tried white vinegar, It has lots of bubbled but it went down fast.   

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Xtramath practise

This is my xtramath practise and these are my results. I have got 5 wrong answers and I have got 40 correct answers. I am really proud this time because I have got 5 wrong and last time I got 13 wrong. Perhaps next time I can get a bit more smiley faces. 

Quick Write

This is my quick write that we had to do this week in writing. We used DRAFT to fix our writing and I colour coded DRAFT to know what was deleted, rearranged, added, fixed and talked. I highlighted the words that needed to be Drafted.    

Reading - Story of Rona

This week for reading we had to identify true and false statements from the text. The book that we read was Cyclone Tokotura. Our teacher Miss Donaldson wrote some sentences and she left us to figure out what  were true or false.  

Reading - follow up

This is my reading follow up that we had to do this week. We read a book called Cyclone Tokotura and we had to write in the authors purpose and what the text is about. The LI: for this week is to identify the main points of a story and the author's purpose.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Xtramath practise

This is my Xtramath practise and these are my result's. I have got 13 wrong and I think I can do better next time. I have got 40 smiley faces and perhaps next time I can get more smiley faces.   

DRAFT - Stretching Sentences

This is my Stretched sentences and I worked collaborative with Harry. We used the 5 w's to make our sentence stretch and make it more interesting. Our LI: Use DRAFT to check our sentences.