Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Silver Confidence Award - Interview a Person

Today I Interviewed Miss Linda. I have decided to complete one of my silver respect awards which was to interview a person about their job. It was fun talking to Miss Linda and I was curious to find out about her teaching life. 

Silver Respect Care Award - Create a Collage Showcasing PBS

Today I decided to create a collage showcasing life at PBS. This activity was from the silver care award. I added images of the learning night, book character day, rhythm interactive, athletics day and many more. 

Silver Respect Award - Interview a Person in Uniform

Today I happen to complete one of my silver Respect award. I chose to make a DLO of the police and what type of jobs they do.Constable Cyrus came to our school to teach us about many things about the police and what they do. I also wrote down why their roles are important to us New Zealand. The police force interests me because they help many people. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

Hunderwasser Artwork

This week we have been making some Hunderwasser artwork. At first we looked up Hunderwasser to find 8 or more facts about him. Then we made a google document listing facts about Hunderwasser. Ls2 was given 1 sheet of A3 paper and a A2 sheet of cardboard to lean on. We first had to form a layout of 3 parts on the paper with a pencil lightly. We then drew in some onion domes and some lollipop trees. After we made a row of houses that were 3d and 2d. We also tried to draw some hidden faces into the contour lined of our art. Once we finished we went over the pencil lines with vivid. Then we practiced our shading with oil pastels. We also used cool colors and warm colors. After shading we started off with the background colors. We at least had to have 3 or more shaded parts of our art. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Athletics Day

Today, we had the Panmure Bridge School Athletics day. We were really lucky because we had some Tamaki Collage Students to help us with the activities. In our year groups we were split up into 3 different teams to collaborate and encourage others. I was working with Mishaan, Sa Kae, Cj, Sylis, Daniel and Lyndon. We first had a game of Shoot Out, we had to see which team was the best at shooting the balls. We then moved onto a Sponge relay, Long jump, and Shot put. I think my team worked very collaboratively because my team won most games. The weather was not the best, since we all got wet but we did enjoy our day very much.  

Hockey Kiwisport - Session 2

Yesterday was our second session of hockey. with our coach Carly. To start of the lesson we played a warm up game of cats and dogs. We then played a game of switch. What we had to do was switch the ball to the same colored stick. Then we played a game of Shark. In this game we had to defend our ball, and knock other peoples balls to the side line. This game was quite hard because we had to defend our ball the same time we knocked other peoples balls. Once we learned all of our skills while played the games, we had team game. We were split into 2 teams and had a hockey game. Our coach Carly called a number and we had to go in teams of the number she called( for example if Carly called out the number 2, only 2 people would play. ) It was really fun and at the end we went as a whole team and played. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Compare and Contrast

Today for inquiry, we have been focusing on creating a comparing and contrasting chart. We had to compare and contrast the 2 aviators that we created a timeline for. We put facts in the chart about Amy Johnson and Jean Batten. 

Amy Johnson Timeline

This week for inquiry, we have been focusing on Aviators. We have created a timeline based on a aviator of our choice. The Aviator I choose was Amy Johnson. We had to list down interesting life moments of Amy Johnson. I created a timeline on a site called I also added images and resources to link with the information I had. 

Jean Batten Time Line

For this weeks Inquiry, I have been focusing on Jean Batten. My task today was to create a timeline based on Jean Batten. I worked collaboratively with Shannon, my partner to make a timeline. If you are interested in this site click here.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Hockey Session 1

Today we had our first lesson of hockey. To start of our lesson we played a small game of octopus. We then learned how to grip our stick and use the ball. We had to hold the colored part of the stick and the top of the leather on the stick. After we had a game of traffic lights. Then we learnt how to dribble our ball. Our Coaches called our a traffic light color and we had to go to the speed they said. After we juggled the ball on our stick and see how juggled the ball, the most. After we learnt all of our skills we need for hockey, we then played a game which we were split into groups and when our coach had called a number we had to go into groups of the number our coach called. When the ball went out another group had to go. Unfortunately my team lost, but at least we had fun.  

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Silver CARE Confidence Award - Teach a Junior To Play a Simple Game

Today, I was at wet day in room 6. I was in the room with Zeba. We decided to teach the year 1's or 0's to play a simple game. The game we choose was Simon says. Some of the juniors knew the game but most didn't. It was really fun and interesting.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Speech Marks

Today for writing, my group created a DLO on speech marks and how they work. I used Prezi to create my DLO. We had to write down some said synonyms, a video on dialogue, why we use them in our writing and many more. 

Jean Batten Time line

 This week for Inquiry, I have been focusing on Jean Batten. My task today was to make a time line based on Jean Battens life. For this task I choose to use popplet to make a timeline. If you are interested in using this site click here

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

5 Minutes Of ....

This week we have been re - looking at recounts. To show our understanding we wrote a duet recount using personification, similes, onomatopoeia and many more. But there was a twist to writing this recount, we had to pair up with a partner and write one sentence each. I buddied up with Nazella and we collaborated really well. I thought this would be hard because we wouldn't know each others ideas. We planned this using TREE ( Title, Reveal, Events, Ending). Using this picture prompt we had to come up with a story before the rescue mission is happened or after this happened. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Care Awards RESPECT - Aretha Franklin

For my care award, respect, I choose to Research Aretha Franklin's song RESPECT. I then made a DLO based on why Aretha Franklin made the song RESPECT. On the DLO above it has an image of Aretha Franklin singing her song. This was very interesting listening to her song while I watched her dance / sing. 

StoryBoard That Comic - Godwits

This week, was our last session with Mrs Anderson on Godwits. The uear 7's were asked to make a StoryBoard That Comic to list 3 facts about the Godwits. I digitally story told  where the godwits migrate from New Zealand, How much weight they lose after their migration and the hazards they face while migrating over Korea and China. We enjoyed making our StoryBoard comic and had a great time helping each other. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Cyber Smart - Quality Blog Comments


Today we were trialing a cyber smart game from a group of kids from the Maniakalani. The Cyber smart game was really effective and it had its own digital dice. You had to press the one of the rectangle shaped links then it took you to a DLO.  It was really fun watching you tube video's and answering questions. 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Paper Planes

Today we had to analyze our measurements for our paper planes. Since we were put into groups of 6 or 7 we had to come up with one design using our plane creations. We then tested our planes and Evelyn's one was the fastest. After we had the competition. Zahn was the fastest thrower. Thomas was the winner since his plane went to furthest to 14.1. Our learning intention was to design and make a paper plane that will fly the furthest.  

Looking At Recounts

Today for writing we were looking back on recounts and the concept of it. We were taking a test on recounts and my score was 9 / 10. We then went to the manaikalani cluster blogs and we tryed to find good recounts as examples. We were aiming for the year 7/ 8 students because we were about the same levels. I found a girl named Alisha (

Friday, 4 November 2016

Goals - Silver Excellence Award


 This is my Silver Excellence Award task. I had to write 3 goals I achieved in the end of term 4. I completed all of them. This was a fun task because I got to decorate the drawing.

Paper Plane - Inquiry math

On Thursday we were making prototypes of streamline paper planes. We were given instructions from our teacher Mrs Anderson, but she wasn't allowed to talk so she presented on a google slide DLO. The image above Zeba and I were following a video clip to create the perfect paper plane. We found out if we did one mistake we could effect the paper plane. Zeba, June, Evelyn, Zahn, Eric and I worked collaboratively during the activity and we were helping each other out. We were collaborating together to find out sources of information. We found that the best one was to watch youtube videos. Once we created our paper planes, we then went outside to test them. This was really fun as we got to explore think about the way the wind was going. We had our first attempt and the plane kept on turning around. The paper plane kept turning so we found out what June did to her's. June had added weight to hers and this helped our plane to go further and higher. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Godwits - Inquiry flight

For the last couple of weeks we were learning about Godwits. Our topic this term is flight. We were learning about the Bar Tailed Godwits and there migration. We first were put into groups of 3 or 4. We then had to find information using the keywords in the questions that we wanted to ask. After we put our information on a digital sketch note. Then we all made a prezi explaining why the godwits take such a big flight. Sylis, Eric, Sa Kae and I made a DLO on explaining why Godwits migrate such a long distance. We all worked collaboratively together and had lots of fun learning about Godwits / Kuaka.  

'Outlook for Someday' movie shortlisted

Congratulations to Latham, Reon, Daniel, Jasmine and Sylis for making this movie and having it entered into the competition. 
Here is the link to watch it: