Thursday, 30 June 2016


Today we did orienteering. I choose to work in a 3. I collaborated with Mia and Nazella for orienteering. I found this, really easy because the letters were everywhere and I was able to read the map propley. The thing I didn't enjoy was running in the mud. 

The Ski Trip DLO

This week for reading we had to complete a DLO. We had to read our book, The Ski Trip and write down what a proverb means. Our LI: was to understand the characteristics of text and to make connections to the text. We wrote down what a proverb means and we had to choose 3 more proverbs. We then had to answer 2 questions that connect with camp. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Today we presented our speech to groups of 5. I presented to Zeba, Javelor and Oh Hsen. They worked together so they could listen and rate my speech. My speech was about why women should get paid the same amount as men. My group judged me for expression, loud clear voice, eye contact and knowledge of speech. I think I did really good because my expression, loud clear voice and knowledge of speech was all rated 3 out of 4.   

Our Global Neighbors

This week for inquiry I worked collaboratively with Mahdia to finish off our task. Our challenge was to complete all of our challenges. We first made a slide of what we knew about India and then we did some challenges. This is my google slide about India. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Today for orienteering the year 7 and 8's had orientation sessions. Last week for orienteering we learnt about the symbols and did a quick game or session. Today the year 7's had to go around the school finding the controls. We were given a clip card and a map. We went around 4 sets of controls and cliped our card.  For this session I buddied up with Mia. This was really fun but our feet got really muddy. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Current Events Challenge


 This week for reading we had to complete a current events challenge. The artical I have choosen is from kiwi kids news and the title is called, Italian girl finds wooly mammoth bone. When I saw this I was very shocked because it is the first mammoth bone to be found in 12,000 years. I had to answer when it was, where did it happen, who was it, what happened and how did it happen.

 If you want to visit the kiwi kids site click here.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Place Value

Today for maths we learned about place values. For this game you had to answer decimal questions like 4 in hundredths place. We had to click on a pirate with the correct answer and I think I did well. 

If you want to test your self click here to play the game. 

Peter Jackson

This week for reading we had to create a poster about Peter Jackson. I wrote down a short paragraph about events in Peter Jackson's life. I wrote down how many awards he has achieved in his film making years and how much is net worth is. He is also the producer of The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings. 

Friday, 10 June 2016

Are UFO'S Real? - Reading task

This week for reading our task was to conflict information. We had to choose a topic of what we wanted to conflict on and find artical's if UFO'S were real or not. For this task I worked collaboratively with Mishaan as my partner. After that we put our information together and wrote a small paragraph if UFO'S were real.   

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Japan Learning Challenge

For inquiry this term our topic is our global neighbors. This week we have rotated and I am now in Japan. For this challenge I worked collaboratively with Sanujan. Our first challenge was to understand where Japan is in relation to NZ.  Our next challenge was to write down about the flag. We had to write about what the flag was called, what the red circle meant, what the white background means, when was the flag first used and when was the Japanese flag officially recognized. Our next challenge was to find images of Japan. Our second to last challenge was to record yourself saying the colors. Our final challenge was to  compare our foods to Japan foods. 

UFO Information Report

Are UFO’S real?

UFO’s are known as an unidentified flying object. They are unknown because people haven’t gotten their hand on them. UFO’S were first discovered on June 24, 1947. There are lots of UFO sightings and most of them are from Russia.

What do UFO’S look like?

From above UFO’S are bright and small. You can’t see them properly but at night they have a bright glow and you can probably see them a bit clearer. They are nearly similar to the planet Saturn because it has a ring around it. The main part of the UFO is the circle. Some UFO’S have a hole underneath so they can land properly.

The history of UFO’S

UFO’S were first known as flying saucers and they were first seen in 1947. There were a group of 9 UFO’S flying near Mount Rainier in Washington while a businessman was flying in his small plane. There has been over 50 UFO’S found on area 51 but haven’t found any aliens in them.

Sighting of UFO’S

There has been 1,267 sightings of UFO’S over the country in the past 3 years. There has been a rumor that an alien abducted a woman last year. UFO’S have been sighted a lot in America and especially around New York.

UFO’S were first discovered on June 24, 1947. There are lots of UFO sightings and most of them are from Russia. UFO’s are known as an unidentified flying object. They are unknown because people haven’t gotten their hands on them.

This week we have been learning to write an information report. My group got to choose a topic to write about and I decided to choose if UFO'S were real or not. I choose this topic because it was really interesting and there had been story's of people seeing UFO'S and people being abducted by aliens.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Blog Post Bar Graph

Today for maths we had to count how many blog posts we had each month or year. Here is my graph and it shows each year of blog posts. We have been learning to carry out a statistical inquiry. I have been analysing the number of blog posts I have made from 2013 till 2016.