Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Assembly

During the Winter Learning Journey, we learnt many facts about New Zealand. Rachel came to Panmure Bridge School to hand out the awards and prices to the participants of the Winter Learning Journey.There were lots of students who contributed. There were 6 top winners, 1st place winners were Oh Hsen and Daniel, 2nd place winners were AJ and Alex, and 3rd place winners were Eric and Ofa. Rachel also priced the top girl blogger Nazella. Our school had the most participants in the Winter Learning Journey. While doing the Winter Learning Journey, we all improved in our reading and writing. This was a very fun activity to do over the holidays. 

Thank you Rachel for making this program possible and commenting on our individual blogs. I would like to thank Rachel's group for commenting feedback and taking the time to go over our work.

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