Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey for NEXT FOUNDATION

The Summer Learning Journey for NEXT Foundation from Next Foundation on Vimeo.
Today the NEXT FOUNDATION came to Panmure Bride School to launch the Summer Learning Journey movie. The Summer Learning Journey consists of activities that you are able to do in the holidays, these activities help your literacy skills for tests. Many schools take part in this programme and students blog about the topic that . We had a special assembly with some important guests like the Point England School Principal, Mr Burt, Rachel and Hazel from WFRC, Mr Grady, Chairperson Board of Trustees, Ms Grant, Mr Sneddon, Chairperson of Manaiakalani, Mr Jesson from WFRC, Mrs Lee, and Mrs Pritchard and Bill Komod the CEO of the NEXT FOUNDATION. I hope that the Panmure Bridge students are going to win next year and keep up the fun blogging. ( If you would like to watch the movie that was created click here

Christmas in Finland - Collaborative Christmas Challange

This week we were set a challenge to use our smart searching skills to find out how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Our group worked collaboratively to find out about Christmas in Finland. We found out that in Finland their Santa is called "Joulupukki". Mataio Josh and I discovered that Christmas is celebrated a different day and is celebrated on 25 December. This screencastify is explaining our learning of our Finland study.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Tech Experience

Friday last week we had our last Tech session for the year. Our first rotation for the year was Food Tech with Mrs Heka. We got to make chicken kebabs, mince pies, truffles, and many more. We also learnt some good recipes and used different cooking equipment to help us bake/cook foods. Our second rotation was graphics with Ms Furguson. We made MDF clocks with our own designs on them. I made a simple clock with some flowers on them. Our last rotation was stained glass, my design was an air balloon. We learnt how to cut glass and how to connect them with soldering iron. This was a long process of steps and we used different colors for our design to make them interesting. I had over 5 pieces of glass to cut and this took quite long. The tech experiences throughout the year were very interesting and we learnt many fascinating skills during our Friday tech.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Geometry Coordination

Today during maths we were working on geometry. We were given a piece of paper and had to follow the sequence of ordered pairs and connect them to the corresponding points on the graph above. We used our ladder rule which was across then upwards. Jorja and I worked collaboratively and were able to solve the problem. Once we finished, we then had to color in our animal.  

Summer Learning Journey

Friday afternoon, Hazel from the University of Auckland came to Panmure Bridge School to introduce us to the Summer Learning Journey, since Rachel was in another school. We will travel in time to learn all about history, people, and events that have shaped our beautiful country of Aotearoa throughout the past two centuries. This holiday's theme is Journey Through Time in New Zealand. This could be a great way to learn about our history, because as well as having an adventure, you are increasing your skill with comprehension and writing skills. 

Social Science @ Tamaki College

Dear Mrs Anderson, 

We have been researching location for your next holiday and we think you should go to: 

1) Lake Balaton, Hungary because it is a freshwater lake and it is a great location where you can relax. It is also one of the most popular places to visit Hungary. Did you know there are heart shaped graves for those who love mysteries? 

2) Taishan, China because it is a great tourist destination and the temples in Taishan hold ancient stone tablets with inscriptions. 

3) Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska because it is a home to the largest marine sanctuary.

4) Shanghai Disney Land, China because it has it's own themed airplane. It also has "Gardens of Imagination" and this will only be found in the Shanghai Disney Land.

On Friday we had an extra rotation of P.E., Robotics and Social Science. We were split into groups of 3 and went to each. I was in Social Science with Ms. Apelu. Some year 12 students at Tamaki College also helped us. We played a game called "persued" and had to find 4 destinations for Mrs. Anderson's dream holiday. We then wrote her a letter and why we think she should go to those locations. We worked collaboratively and got to learn some leadership skills. We all got some toy cars for working so hard.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Athletics Day

Today was the PBS athletics day. The school was split into four groups, red, green, yellow, and blue. There were 9 rotation and sprints at the end. I was in the red team with A.J., Calvin, Shannon and Sa Kae. The year 8's first rotation was rob the nest. We were put into our colored team year groups and had to steal the balls from other groups. This was a tiring game but the team green managed to win this. Our next rotation was long jump, we all struggled but we all won. We then had different rotations that concluded of shot put, basketball, sponge and water game, discus, lifesaver, egg and spoon, and dance and relax station. This was a fun day and then we had our sprints. I came 3rd out of the year 8 girls. I would like to thank some Tamaki College students that have helped us and Mr Ogilvie for setting up this event.